Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Simple Fact About Hanoi !

Hanoi - the capital of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the Political, Economic, Cultural, Scientific and Technological center of the whole country. Hanoi is located on the life-giving Red River’s banks of the Northern Delta. Thanks to its geographical vantage point, Hanoi enjoys a favorable position as an important domestic and external trading center.

The interestin
g fact that i know about Hanoi is all women in Hanoi are working =>
where are the man 'the are tired fighting during
the war and its time for them to rest, so women works now'

Hanoi City is full of wire

look old outside but modern inside => salute!

Bikes are main transportation Normal speed for them is 30km/hr when they are rushing they will go very fast fastest is 70km/hr Thats y there are very few accident in Hanoi...they just know how to ride... Use horn not signal!

Ladies in Hanoi love this ===>

This is how to sit behind =====>
dont worry u will not fall
30km/hr only maaa...

They have the sweetest coconut
but !

this is how u have to drink it !!

me in town centre of Hanoi...after shoot on day 01

My driver in HANOI cum bodyguard lah
till we meet again...MR DONG....

Anything to share about Hanoi?

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  1. OMGGGG!!! I totally miss those times in Hanoi!!! Despite the shite we went through at the end of the trip!!! That made me swear I will never step into Hanoi ever again!! Hehehe!